Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Israel, The Only True Memorial to Auschwitz

Another International Holocaust Remembrance Day has past, the garden variety neo-Nazis and skinheads still exist, BDS still exists, Hamas still exists, the mullahs are still in charge of Iran, and there are those still trying to kick Jews out of parts of their homeland. It seems the world hasn't learned anything.
The only true memorial to Auschwitz is unflagging support for the Jewish people's right to live in all parts of their ancient homeland, including Judea and Samaria.

The only true memorial to Auschwitz is unequivocal support for the Jewish people's right to live in peace and security in that homeland, without rocket attacks, bombings, shooting attacks, knifings and rock throwing, vehicular or any other terror tactics.
And, the only true memorial to Auschwitz - the culmination of a over a thousand years of anti-Semitism in Europe - is absolute support for the Jewish people's national political creation, the State of Israel.

Let's not forget it was Europeans, the Roman Empire, that massacred, enslaved, and expelled, the Jews from their homeland, Judea, to begin with.
Anti-Zionism has become the new acceptable form of anti-Semitism in the 21st century. Nothing is really new there, that's what the Romans did to Jews and their political state.

Speeches and tears by world leaders, memorial plaques or sculptures, devoid of meaningful CORRECTIVE BEHAVIOR on the world's political stage is trivial, if not downright hypocritical.
Countries and their leaders, need to forcefully address the lies and propaganda of the ''Palestinians'' and the greater Muslim world. They need to side with the Jewish people and the State of Israel - as the Jew's national political vehicle - against trying to divide Jerusalem and the Land of Israel.

And while we're talking about the Muslim world, let's not for get the almost 1,300 years of Dhimmitude - the persecution, terror and second class sufferings of the Jews in Muslim societies. The Muslim world has no reason to forget Auschwitz, if the Europeans hadn't done it first, the Muslims might have.
And, some in the Muslim world today - Iran, Hamas, ISIS, etc. - boast of their plans to carry out another Holocaust.

The Big Lie of the recent vote in UNESCO, disconnecting Jewish history from Jerusalem and the Temple Mount; and the recent UNSC Resolution 2334, disconnecting Jewish history from Judea and Samaria, is a continuation of this pro-Auschwitz mentality.
America's new president, has promised to move the American Embassy to Jerusalem, to support Israel in other ways, to combat Islamic terror, and confront the Iranian nuclear danger. This is a good beginning if carried out. Other world leader's need to follow his example. 

The only true memorial to Auschwitz, the only true answer to the Holocaust, the only true repentance on the part of the world community...is unrelenting support for a strong, secure, and thriving Israel, the Jewish State.
Jews and Israel, living in security and peace with the rest of the world, being the ''Light unto the nations'' as prophecied by Isaiah - as Jews have been throughout history, in their positive contributions to world civilization - and will continue to be in the future, is the only true memorial to Auschwitz.

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