Sunday, May 5, 2019

Israel, Start Targeted Killings Again!

I couldn’t say it any plainer, KILL the leaders of Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza, NOW!

Start cutting off the heads of the snakes. Don’t worry if they grow new heads, cut them off too, if they grow back. Keep KILLING their leaders and operatives, until they’re frightened to death, and no one volunteers for the job anymore.

Targeted killings, assassinating the terrorist leadership in Gaza, worked well in the Sharon era. Take a look at my article, “Happy Yassin Day,” from that period, after Israel sent then Hamas leader Sheikh Ahmad Yassin and his wheel chair, to find his 72 year old virgin, down under. And he wasn’t the only one, we sent to early retirement, at the time.

Even Benny Gantz, from the losing Blue and White party, during the recent election campaign, threatened that the leaders of the Palestinian terror group should remember that Israel assassinated one of its most senior officials during the Gaza conflict of 2012, and was capable of doing the same again. “The heads of Hamas have forgotten what happened to Ahmed Jabari – their chief of staff. They will get a personal reminder if they continue targeting our population, as will all terrorists.”

And he lost the election; i.e. the Israeli public chose Netanyahu to lead, thinking he would be tougher and better able to maintain security and safety (one of the only purposes of government), for the Israeli public.

“The reality in the south, as we unfortunately saw today, where Israeli children spend their nights in bomb shelters, while the heads of Hamas celebrate must end now – and it will,” Gantz told a conference during the campaign.

Well nothing has changed, and that should still be Israel’s goal. Better that Hamas people learn by heart all their funeral prayers, than songs of joy. Islamic Jihad should load up on mourning meals instead of handing out sweets in the street, celebrating.

Let’s force King Solomon’s sage advice onto terror leaders in Gaza, “It’s better to go to a House of Mourning than to a Party...’ (Ecclesiastes 7:2).

And while they are mourning, giving speeches of support and encouragement, to carry out the next atrocity against Israeli civilians, and burying their dead; Israel should also bomb, strafe, and disperse those political rally terror supporting funerals, as I’ve called for since 2003. See my article, “The Call of the Israeli Apache.”

Since the latest round of Gazan rocket attacks on Israel started, so far, Israel has killed exactly one top leader. According to Gazan sources, Hamad Ahmad Al-Khudari of Hamas’ military wing has been eliminated, by the Israel Defense Forces attacking his vehicle. But he’s small fry, now fish fillet.

Israel needs to take down their political leadership too. Ismail Haniyeh, and his ilk have GOT TO GO.

In desperation, MK Ofir Sofer (Union of Right-wing Parties) has said, “The reactions that Israel has taken so far are only a kind of Tylenol; the State of Israel must preserve its initiative and not let Hamas dictate the pace. The Israeli response should be asymmetrical and disproportionate so that the terror organizations will feel the bitter taste well and over time. There’s no choice but to enter on the ground and initiate a long-term military action, and the sooner the better. The fighting in Gaza must be decided.”

I strongly disagree, its not yet time for a full ground liberation…

Israel has not yet exhausted by far, its air-power advantage. Taking out terrorists, their leadership, and supporters, without concern for collateral damage, is the way to go. Why risk any more Israeli lives?

Its time to really unleash the Israeli Air Force. Bring back the 500 pound bombs. And, maybe time to introduce the modern equivalent of the Gatling gun, the M61 Vulcan, GAU-8/A Avenger, or The GAU-12/U Equalizer.

Its time to start targeted killings again!
Ariel Natan Pasko, an independent analyst and consultant, has a Master's Degree specializing in International Relations, Political Economy & Policy Analysis. His articles appear regularly on numerous news/views and think-tank websites and in newspapers. His latest articles can also be read on his archive: The Think Tank by Ariel Natan Pasko.
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